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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971

Sonya Malecky Spaziani 1 day ago

As a taxpayer and American citizen who has entrusted the care of OUR wild horses to government, I REFUSE to support the continued mismanagement of current BLM and it's policies in regards to this nation's wild horses and burros. I refuse to watch more unnecessary gathers of healthy horses off of healthy sustainable rangelands, while on the same lands, (claimed to be unsustainable), grazing rights have increased for private livestock.

We have 33,000+ of our nation's wild horses stockpiled in captivity, and a mere 25,000- (and declining) small herds dotted across of western rangelands left, with another 12,000 scheduled for removal by the end of 2010, adding to the current cost to taxpayers of 29-34 (and growing) million to care for captured animals annually. With PROPER and less invasive methods of management, our wild herds cost us minimal in contrast in the wild. I, as a taxpayer and American citizen REFUSE to allow the removal of any more of our American mustangs to be added to the current stockpile of CAPTIVE mustangs, paid for by this nation’s hard working taxpayers.
The American public has made it clear that they want their wild horses “properly managed” on our western frontiers, as originally established on 49 million HMA acres, rather then removing more mustangs, thereby reducing genetic viability at this unsettling and escalated rate. I, along with the many who have already shared their voice and concerns, demand any further mustang removals be stopped until there is a public hearing and investigation held by Congress regarding BLM's management of America's wild horses and burros (which currently are approved only by BLM and DOI). There should also be a moratorium on all gathers until Congress has completed public hearings and an investigation and reached a decision about the appropriate management of these animals consistent with the laws that protect them. It is also my recommendation that prior to any future removals, wild horse and burro specialists, in conjunction with independent and neutral ecologists, must first determine animal health concerns, along with rangeland sustainability reports to justify removals. Since these wild horses BELONG to the American people, a coalition of concerned and involved parties, must be formed to oversee the health the well-being of our Nation’s wild horses and burros.

Please submit written comments by April 2, 2010. Comments may be mailed or hand delivered to: 280 Hwy 191 North, Rock Springs, Wyo. 82901. Comments may also be emailed to Please include “Adobe Town & Salt Wells Creek HMAs Scoping Comments” in the subject line.

The American people want the 19 million acres restored, in compliance with the The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971
(Public Law 92-195), which were originally set aside for our wild horses and burros.