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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pest Control; Home made fly traps

Make Your Own Fly Trap

A bit of Fly psychology.

When a fly takes flight it always takes off up and toward the sun.
That is why this thing works!!!

Materials Needed:

One 5 gallon bucket
Screen, on old screen off a door will do
Glue, something the consistency of caulking
Bailing wire or twine
3 lb coffee can

Knife to cut the bucket
Using your knife or box cutter, cut windows out of the side of your bucket all the way around. Flies will always move toward the sunlight so you want a nice open view.
Next, cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket.
Make a cone out of your screening. Leave a small opening in the top about the size of your little finger. This is where the files will enter the trap...BUT..they will NOT try to leave the same way. Place the cone in the hole in the bottom of the bucket and trim excess leaving enough screen so that you can clip and fold it back and glue it in place on the bottom of the bucket.
Now that you have your cone in place cut a strip of screen that will wrap around the inside of the bucket. Glue this in place. Cut a square or circle to use as a lid. Place this on with bailing twine or wire. You will want to be able to take the lid off and empty your bucket so that you can use it again next year.
Bait it!A good fly attractant is like an old sourdough start. Once you get it going, keep feeding it. Being a horse person I hang my fly traps on the corral fence and put a 3lb coffee can on the ground under the cone. The files come to the bait and when they take off they fly "up" into the cone and walk on up into the trap.
At the beginning of the season I start out with a commercial attractant. There are several on the market. I add a little fresh dog poop from time to time. I also throw in some decaying vegetable cutting from the garden. What ever smells is the key. Be sure and keep water in your bait can. You don't want to let it dry out.
Placement of your fly trap is important also. If it is not working well where you hang it, move it five feet. Don't ask me why this makes a difference. I know one year it works on this part of the fence and next year it wants a new spot.
If you are a dog person you may want to take a little extra time and screw three or four legs on to the bottom of your bucket. That way just find the freshest poop in the morning, set it down and before you go to work you will have captured several hundred files.