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Monday, March 16, 2009

Fly Predators as a control system for Horse Stables

The plastic bag was sealed tight. The shreaded wood chips allowed the dark cocoons to rattle around. Nothing was moving. I picked up the sealed bag and watched carefully for 3 days. One morning my mom called me "The bag is full of ants. The ants have eaten all the flies. Well later that morning I went straight for the predator flies infested with ants! Hmmmm... looks just like it always looks except this time the etsy bitty little flies are scurrying around as they escape their cocoons. I take bag into the kitchen and fix up some coffee and my mom and I give these tiny little flies a good once over. No ants. just tiny little flies. We started with Predator Flies the summer of 2006. We were not able to deploy flies for a full season. 2006 was the summer I broke my leg, ankle and foot. That was the summer that I left my dream ranch and moved back to town. I received my last shipments in town. However, 2007 and 2008 we spread the cocoons around the corrals on the manufacturers schedule for our region. I do notice a difference.

I first heard about Fly Predators while volunteering at a Horse Rescue. Everyone was a buzz with this new fad. I had no previous experience with the concept but the hypothesis makes perfect sense. So what are Predator Flies? Do they look like ants? According to Garden Insections The fly Parasites predator are the naturally occurring enemy of all manure breeding pest flies.Check it out!