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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some People Just Don't Get It

I remember the first song I heard from Taylor Swift, "Stay Beautiful" I told my girlfriend, "that song reminds me of your son Ryan" young, handsome, lots of teens calling him and stuff. We commented how cool it was that when most kids were going to school everyday with "blinders" on, Taylor's world was a canvas for her art. Then when I got the CD, I listened and read the credits in amazement! Her talent seperated her from the crowd.

If you have ever had to "write" a school paper like an "essay" then you know just how difficult it is to get the order of the words just right. It takes hours and dedication to perfect and manipulate the English language and rhetoric to express in short concise sentences!

Next, I want to praise Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, for understanding the concept of "artistic expression". Their ability to step forward and support Taylor Swift brings credibility to the situation. McGraw and Hill, write, perform, produce and move in the music industry so they understand how hard Taylor Swift works. I give them big kudos for stepping up! Supporting Taylor just shows me that McGraw and Hill are real people with their "egos" in check. I saw how Taylor hugged them when they presented her the award. Its people like them who will help her keep the "stardom" at bay and continue to be herself.

In my opinion, when someone critizes another person, they are acting from a "closed" position in the universe. There is enough room to love and to honor someone so talented.

Unfortunately, there will always be someone in the crown that has to go to the dark side!

So thats my little rant about Taylor Swift. I think she is an inspiration. She has the ability to write songs that let other people know they are not alone in those feelings. Right now I think alot of youngsters need someone to lead them in a healthy and positive direction and I believe her songs are just that help.

Thanks All. "Stay Beautiful"