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Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Remembering our Horses by Pam Saxman

"Ode to Saydee"

I remember our first meeting at the Pretty Penny Ranch 6 years ago, The people who had sold you to my good friend Dee, had said you had major issues with other horses and people and oh by the way--NEVER ever put you in a trailer with any other horse. They had painted a picture of you as if you were a Diabolo. Dee saw straight through their misguided thoughts. She saw an incredible well talented, guardian angel, overfollowing with unconditional love. You weren't a diabolo,you were a "DIVA" with a personality plus.

From the first moment you came to stay with us, you stuck your head inside Greg's truck window-as if to say "HELLO" I'm here to spend the rest of my life with you!!! I will brighten every moment of everyday , I will turn all your frowns upside down,I will show you what life is about !!!! And show us you did. You were always happy and full of spirit and energy!

You enjoyed every minute of work (training) we did. You always put some of your own personality in to it ! Riding you in the show ring or just at home was an incredible feeling-It felt like sitting on top of the world-your Grace-Beauty-Power will be unmatched by any other! When you came to me you were a top "World Class Halter Horse and Top Finisher in many English Classes. I wanted to teach you the western side of competition. I was so impressed with you, if I saddled you english -you instantly new to change your head carriage, the length of your stride(long ground covering movements),when I saddled you western- you instantly carried yourself in a collected manner, with the most incredible 3 beat slow lope I've ever had the pleasure to experience.


I have many wonderful memories of our work together,but one really stands out- I wanted to teach you reining. I had you in the best physical shape any horse could ever be in. When I went to teach you the spin,we started out slow. You thought this was the greatest thing in the world to do. But of course you were having so much fun that when I'd ask for the spin ,you instantly went into a extremely fast flat spin,no matter what direction---the thing is you enjoyed this so much you couldn't wait to do it again. I had to be careful of that cue being anything close to other cues because,Saydee you just flatout loved the spin-any place, anytime.(This was the reining spin,not a spin like a spook.)

Saydee you loved your turnout time. I'd turn you out in the arena or back pasture and you looked like the wildest rodeo horse ever! People would see you and say"You ride that horse? You're crazy,she looks like a keg of dynamite!"

But you were my secret weapon---you had it all-A Super Horse-There will never be another like you ! I feel honored to have been taught by you the meaning of Free Spirit-Unconditional Love-Strength(Power)-an Happiness no matter what we were going through!

Saydee, you only had the best of everything while you were with us. We treated you like the Diva you were. The best stall, blankets,legs wrapped and protected,the best bedding etc. But the one thing I've never done before,with any other horse is share you only with my daughter Samantha. The only ones allowed to ride you were Samantha and I. Samantha knew you the best,she understood you and it made my Heart happy to see the both of you together. So we can say we never had a bad day or a bad ride when we were with you!!

Thank you girl!!!
I will not say GOODBYE, because you have not gone! You will forever be with me. I will use what you taught me-Unconditional Love-Free Spirit-Happiness in all situations-And yes girl,you showed me what life is about.