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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Need of a Vacation At a Guest Ranch

So last night I was talking to the infamous "Mr. O" and we decided I just need a mini vacation! Not the kind where you have to get on a plane and pack and do all this work to relax. Just one of those rambling drives through Arizona with no agenda. So today I decided to change the slide show on the blog........First I searched for Vintage Cowboy Boots and I got all these "ads" for crazy things... plus a blonde girl in a black lace gown with Cowboy Boots..(not sure what is vintage about that) Then I tried #Arizona Guest Ranches and started to get some beautiful pictures! That is what I am thinking.... Starting off at #Essence of Tranquility in Safford.. I have spent alot of time enjoying the 6 tubs and nice little casitas. The casitas are rented for $60.00 a night and their is a main house with TV, Internet, Movies, full kitchen, showers etc for all to use. This place is really off the map, but it is also really relaxing. A Family of women run the place, and provide massage, reflexology and just a nice quiet time. Clarise, a sister, is the most fascinating artist! She has lots of hand drawn art around the house and she sells these little books filled with Art and Positive Affirmations! So, if all goes right, and Mr. O can get the barn full of Hay without me, I think I will just sneak off. Time to renew my #Cowgirl Spirit.