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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cowgirl Historian telling a tall tale

When I started my Ebay business I never imaginaed the world that would open up to be. I knew my product lines and I knew accounting but I knew nothing about marketing. In my second year I began to take classes about internet marketing. Those classes led me to Twitter. I began using Twitter in July of 2008 and my expectations were for business connections. What I have found on Twitter are many dynamic and interesting people. I feel so fortunate to have a lens into such fascinating people.

One such person is Shirley Morris, a Cowgirl, a Historian, an Artist, a Writer and a Documentary Film Producer. Her Twitter profile is "The Lone Cowgirl"

I had the priviledge of speaking with Shirley, which afforded me the opportunity to realize I had met one fascinating Cowgirl. Shirley exudes what I like to call "Cowgirl Spirit".

Today on Twitter, Shirley Morris, "The Lone Cowgirl" posted this link to an article in the Writers of America publication, "Roundup" by Dan R. Manning. Mr. Manning, article is informative and can be found at

I hope you enjoy this interesting reading.