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Friday, September 4, 2009

Traditional Black and White Equestrian Art

So I'm hanging out on Twitter the other day, and I received a message from @lecheval (Le Cheval) about one of my Cowboy Boot Panel Purses. She tells me she likes it, so I reply with a "lets talk". So we began our negotiations and I was offered an autographed book from this multi-talented author. When we concluded our transaction, and I did a little research about the author.
@lecheval is Juliet Harrison, MFA. Ms. Harrison is published artist specializing in Black and White photography. The horse is one of her subjects. She began publishing in 1991 and exhibiting in 2005. Her current publication "White Horses - From the Literal to the Sublime" Author: Juliet R Harrison, takes the reader through 28 abstract images of the horse.

"White Horses" and a selection of prints are available at her website

Currently Ms. Harrison is anticipating her next showing:

Silo Gallery at the Hunt Hill Farm Trust New Milford, New York September 12th - October 18th, 2009.

2 Person Show Opening Reception - September 12th 3-5pm

Artist's Talk - September 20th at 2pm.

For more information - contact the artist at 845-758-2667 or

All image on this site are Copyright Protected. No reproduction of images without written permission of the artist.