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Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Hope on Horseback"

One of my "things" in life is to practice random acts of kindness. I believe whole heartidly that what you give in life is what you get back. If you tweet with me you will receive my "Cowgirl Spirit" for support.

Also, I am fortunate in life to have life long girlfriends from elementary school. Many of our Parents when to School together during the 1930's & 1940's in Tucson Arizona. We still ride horses together and "commune" regularly with our families. Our children are almost adults now and we have great friendships with these "youngins". This got me to thinking about people who might be "disconnected" from a strong support group.

As you may know by now I am a Twitter Cowgirl! Which has allowed me to meet some other "Tweeps" who have fast become another support group for me. I like to share the stories of people I meet on Twitter, like Emily-Jo Peak who is an Alabama Cowgirl her Profile is "@ausunshine". Emily-Jo Peak describes herself as "A 30 something wife, mother and horse owner, sometimes paid photographer, trying to live each moment like it's her last and full fill a dream or 2 in the process". You can find Emily on Facebook and Twitter.

Emily is an inspiration to all us "Modern Cowgirls", between Family and Horsing around she is involved with a great organization called "Storybook Farm". This non-profit combines Horses and Special Needs children up to age 25. You can hear her speak @

I have enclosed the link and hope you check it out!