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Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Naughty Girls on a Warm Winter afternoon

I just heard from daughter that the delivery guy did in fact load the hay in the barn and then he locked the gate on the way out....... well when I was her age I wouldn't have know where my keys were either, so she had to call to the main house and wait for grandma to get out to the gate with a key...... then once she got the gate open....... she was tricked by the prangsters; Elizabeth and Star. Evidently they were determined to continued their afternoon escapades and escaped into Aunt Helen's big field! There they snooped around the Horse Trailer, checked out the bird food, nibbled on some free growing bermuda grass. Sister told me they could not be bribed with pellets, or treats! So now, Daughter had to use all her Cowgirl skills today! Both of the playful girls are blanketed and back in the corral with Sydney and Max. Whew.... that's what makes horses so much fun!