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Friday, February 27, 2009

University of Arizona Junior Organizes Prom Gown Donations!

Every morning I take a short drive over to my parents home. This is the home where I lived as a child and also where my Horses live. My 86 year old mother is a voracious reader. She reads the newspaper front to back and collects articles to share with her friends and family. On Saturday February 21st, 2009 the Arizona Daily Star wrote an article regarding a group of University of Arizona students. These students identified a need in our community and have organized a program where people can donate their used Prom/Ball/Graduation gowns.

Between 10 am and 4pm every Friday until the end of March 2009, people can donate gowns at the University of Arizona Mall. An email address was provided as

I was very inspired by the article and wanted to get the information out there!

These girls really have the Cowgirl Spirit!